Anak Muda Miliarder Saham

Rp. 50,000

❓ Apakah Anda sedang mencari panduan step-by-step untuk menjadi full time investor yang sukses?

❓ Sudah lama berkecimpung di pasar modal namun belum juga bisa menghasilkan profit yang konsisten?

❓ Bagaimana cara membangun passive income dari investasi saham? Apakah mungkin mencapai kebebasan finansial dengan investasi saham?

❓ Mengapa trading saham justru akan membuat Anda merugi?

✔️ Buku ini akan menjawab semua pertanyaan di atas dan memberikan solusi yang sudah teruji.

Juga akan menunjukkan mengapa anak muda memiliki kesempatan dan sumber daya yang besar untuk mencapai kesuksesan finansial dengan memanfaatkan pasar saham.


“Captured by His Love” is a wonderfully heart-warming story about a real journey to knowing and surrendering to a personal relationship with God. As a Christian who struggles with her faith daily, this book gave me such hope. It truly helped me to accept that I am not alone, that I am loveable by God, and that it’s okay if I’m not perfect. I also really loved that the story sheds light on the author’s past – yes, she has a past! And one that wouldn’t be considered “Christian” by most standards. But that’s the beauty in the story. Without that past, maybe she would have never gone on this journey to know God’s love for her. I am filled with joy reading about her journey, and it gives me such hope to know that there are Christians out there who do not shy away from their past or try to deny it ever existed. I truly believe that God works through the ways of this world to teach us and guide us to being closer with him every day, and this book captured that dance perfectly.



I started reading already and can’t put it down yet.



I love how God can use people in many ways. According to the gift He gives them. May You Have the gift of writing ! When I tell you girlllllllllllllll that book is beyond great!! Your book speak nothing but the truth. If you ever been in a place of rejection, fear, don’t feel love. This book will capture your heart!


Some people bury their brokenness and pain; others are called to dig out what once brought about shame. May Gordon has replaced shame with a new name. The written words of Captured by His Love: Naked and Not Ashamed was a divine title for the book. She accepted the daring tasking to revisit a dark part of her past. The pages will leave readers feeling variety of emotions. One of mine, was the approach of the “justice” system. Reading her experience, every ounce of me wished the system would have provided proper therapeutic rehabilitation instead. Despite my reaction, you will find that through Faith she was indeed rehabilitated and restored. I found it interesting that she never pitied herself. Her Christian revelation of God definitely captured her soul and will capture readers needing pure affirmation of  God’s unconditional love and free grace.

-Monique Dalien

Tentang Penulis

Pada usia 17 tahun, Putra berhasil membeli dua properti pertamanya di Jakarta dari hasil investasi saham. Sebagai seorang full time investor muda, Putra sukses meraih financial independence di usia 19 tahun. Saat buku ini ditulis pada usianya yang ke-23 tahun, Putra telah berhasil membangun empat perusahaan di Indonesia, Singapura, dan Malaysia. Salah satu perusahaannya kini memiliki valuasi lebih dari Rp270 miliar. Semua hal ini dicapainya bukan dari warisan orang tua, tetapi dengan menerapkan strategi berinvestasi secara cerdas yang ia tuangkan di buku ini.